Welcome to the Starbase 642!

Welcome to Starbase 642. This starbase is the resumed missions of the USS Artemis. Commodore Sengar Anjohl has been in command of Starbase 642 and this sector for the past 3 years. Throughout the years, his old crew of the USS Artemis start to rejoin him on the station. These are their stories.

Starbase 642 is looking for Starfleet officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian contractors to fill her ranks. You have the choice for your character to be already stationed on 642 or if you are a new transfer. Come join our ranks to serve Starfleet in the eve of the 24th Century. Where we will study scientific phenomenon, research and develop, conduct trade, and defend Starfleet interests.

Commodore Sengar Anjohl
Station Commander

Commander Kurn Derling
Executive Officer
Chief Strategic Tactical Officer

Commander Loreni Jelora
Second Officer
Chief Science Officer

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Top Open Positions:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Strategic Tactical Officer

Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Security Officer

Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Forensic Science Officer

Chief Counselor
Medical Officer

Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Marine Executive Officer
First Sergeant

Commander, Air Group (CAG)
Chief of the Deck
Chief JAG Officer
Civilian Shop/Bar/Casino/Restaurant Owners

DISCLAIMER: Starbase 642 does NOT follow the canon of Discovery, Picard, or Lower Decks. This is a continuation of a sim that took place in 2393-2395 before any of this stuff came up. So we will not be participating in that canon.

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Latest Mission Posts

» Cody comes home

Mission: Episode 1: This is Where We Begin
Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2022 @ 1:26am by Lieutenant Commander Cody Connors

Roughly three years. That was how long it had been since he had to leave Loreni when he had been stationed elsewhere. If you asked him now, the past month alone felt like three years. In the span of just thirty Earth days, so much had happened. Before this past…

» Sifu and Tudi

Mission: Episode 1: This is Where We Begin
Posted on Sat Apr 16th, 2022 @ 2:08am by Commander Kurn Derling & Commander Loreni Jelora


Kurn stepped out of the communal locker room after changing out of his uniform and into his workout clothes, light gray towel draped around his neck. He was mulling over what kind of sparring he wanted to do as he began walking over to one of the sparring rings.…