What I hope for Starbase 642, is that it will become more than just another sim for you guys to write on. I hope it becomes a place that you come to create a new life in the characters that you create. I want the writers to have fun with their fellow writers and create a fun, welcoming environment. To do this, there are rules that we must follow.

1. Be respectful and polite. Do you want people to respect you? Then respect others.

2. Be creative. Creativity is what makes sims unique. Do your best to make your character and this ship unique and stand out.

3. Write! You can never write too much! These stories are what make the ship our home, and our community.

4. Subplots! Have a personal endeavor that you would like your character to do? Talk to the Command Staff and run it by them to see if that subplot would work with the storyline.

5. We are a 18+ rated sim. Even though we hold this rating, no explicit sexual content is allowed, if your character is involved in a sexual encounter “fade to black” BEFORE it gets graphic. Keep swearing to the very minimum. Nothing explicit! Violence is permitted. Any posts that contain extreme explicit content will be sent back for revisions.

6. Want a unique character? Talk to the Command staff. We may be able to help. Just remember; only canon Federation member species are allowed, please. There are exceptions to this part. A member of a non Federation species can join the station, but you must include them working hard and getting a recommendation from a Command Level Starfleet Officer in your biography. No Androids, Augments, Jem'hadar, Changelings, or Q. Species must have been part of the Federation prior to 2368. (If applicable)

7. If you want a custom species that you have invented, I need a FULL write-up with the following information:
Species name
--Year of first contact with the Federation
--Year of Federation admittance (If applicable)
--Society (Government, political structure, any social quirks they may have)
--Philosophy (Religion, if any, or belief system)
--Physiology (Using Humans as a base, describe them.)
--Please include at least 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses that they all share as a race
-Remember there is no such thing as too much info.
-The reason I ask for this, is because if someone is interested in your race, I want to be able to provide them with all the info.
-**DISCLAIMER** Any custom race is available to any other player that may join. You don't like this… tough… play a canon race. (Gotta draw the line somewhere)
-If you intend to play a custom race, you need to have a discussion with the race creator to discuss the proper way to play them.
-Will not accept half write-ups, if the Command Team feels we need more info, we will ask for it. The Command Team's decision is final.
-This write-up MUST be submitted PRIOR to or within 24 hours of your character application.

8. Due to the year of our story, we will be limiting the amount of certain races within Starfleet's ranks. With that said, any race can be a civilian contractor to the station to run a shop or own a bar. Shoot the CO a message on Discord to discuss.

Officer Exchanges are rare and will be considered on a case by case basis. These are temporary characters only. There must be a predetermined end to the character's stay on 642. These can be from other factions/races/civilizations with an appropriate reason.
Permanent replacement characters will undergo our routine application process.

9. OOC chat is highly suggested! Join our discord to continue the talks, and to meet your crew in real time. If you are not able to join the discord channel, you can always PM your fellow crewmates and get to know each other!

10. Please use the following format.... MDXX XXXXh For example. Mission Day 1 at 8am would be MD01 0800h.

11. Players are required to do a minimum of 1 post per week per playing character.

12. Players are allowed to have a total of 3 Playing Characters. 1 may be Senior Officer, and the other 2 have to be either a Junior Officer, Enlisted Personnel, or Civilian in a non Chief/Head role.
12a. A full bio form is required for ALL Secondary PC characters. All secondary PC characters will be voted on and approved/disapproved by the command team. A discussion will be had with the player regarding our thoughts on the bio, any concerns or suggested changes, and whether or not we approve the secondary character.

***NPCs will require: Character Information, Physical Information, Family/relationships, and a General Overview, as well as a Service Record for Starfleet characters. The other fields are preferred, but not required for NPCs.
12b. Players must post 1 post per 2 weeks, per PC. All playing characters must follow the minimum number of posts per player. (3 PCs = 3 posts ever 2 weeks)
12c. Every player has 24 hours to respond to a tag, after 48 hours you will be poked by a member of the Command Team, after 72 hours you will be removed from the JP.

13. The Command Team is always up to discuss rules. If you have an issue with one or would like to inquire about a certain rule please message a member of the Command Team.
The Command Team has the final say in ALL situations.

***This is your XO speaking! Drama belongs in story, not OOC. Don’t do it. Just...don’t. Don’t make me start the stick beatings!***