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Lieutenant Commander Cody Connors

Name Cody Ryan Connors

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description His once boyish face is beginning to show the signs of stress from his times as a hostage. He has still managed to keep his smile in place, despite his bad luck. The scars of a childhood rock climbing accident still show on his face, yet now they are joined by a few other cuts that were unable to be repaired. Several deep cuts and poorly healed wounds run up his arms.

The biggest change is his left leg. Having been mangled by those torturing him it was removed and replaced with a biosynthetic leg, just above the knee. Due to an illness as a child it fails to work at times. He keeps a cane nearby for the times it fails him, which seems to be often.


Spouse Loreni (fiancée)
Children Rylla
Father Gerald Connors
Mother Martha Connors
Brother(s) Wayne
Other Family a few aunts and uncles, but he lived with his Uncle Ted (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview After his week long ordeal he struggled to keep his fun loving attitude with him. But as the people that were closest to him left, he closed off from the world. The biggest blow was when he lost all contact with the woman who he was falling in love with.

During his time healing on earth, he focused on learning all about her culture that he could. He also started to double his efforts to get reinstated into starfleet. When he returned to active duty, he managed to serve on the same ship as Loreni, once more. There his joyful attitude returned. It increased when he learned that Loreni was pregnant with their child. But he was also harboring a secret from her at the same time.
Strengths & Weaknesses Cody is a skilled doctor with training as a surgeon, Has learned to fight with canes and other handheld weapons. multilingual.
Hates to be alone. does not handle loss well, Slightly closed off from the world Is known to be quite reckless when faced with life threatening situation. This recklessness goes double when Loreni Jelora is involved.
Ambitions Has finally made Chief Medical Officer on a starship. He has yet to make a new goal, other than to retire when he's old and live in his cabin by the Great lakes
Hobbies & Interests From growing up near the Great Lakes on the North American continent he has a great love of fishing and sailing and gardening. In fact for the four years at the Academy, he was on the sailing team.
Other hobbies include a love for old Earth Novels, and Old Earth Music (mostly 19th and 20th Century, with a focus on "Rock and Roll") When on shore leave on Earth he can be found at either of the houses left to him by his Uncle and his Parents, although his parents have returned from the where they had disappeared. A side interest was formed on his last ship where he began to enjoy the drink Kanar. He tries to box in the holodeck, and used to be into tai chi, but after his injuries and only having partial use of his left leg he altered his fighting style to work with a weapon.
His biggest hobby is annoying Loreni

Personal History He was born on one of the hottest days of the year, to two loving parents. For the first two years of his life his parents stayed on Earth in their home near Detroit, on the North American continent. Shortly after his second birthday his parents decided to resume their careers of Archaeologists. When they would leave Earth, usually for several months at a time, Cody was left with different relatives around the planet. At the young age of 4 tragedy struck him for the first time. His parents took off, in their personal ship the Morning Star, a Raven class vessel, heading towards their newest dig site. They never reached their destination, just simply vanishing. Every search for them proved futile, and after awhile Starfleet gave up, counting them as lost. It was at this time that his father's only brother, a retired Starfleet medical officer, took him in and raised on the shores of Lake Superior. It was there he learned to fish, sail, and it gave him a love of the land as a gardener. He barely remembered his parents, but his family kept telling him stories of their work. His uncle would tell him stories of his own time in starfleet. Cody was aware of his new guardians role as a doctor, and at the young age of ten he thought he decided he wanted to follow in his Uncle's footsteps. Through out his youth, Cody was taken on trip with his Uncle, where the older man instileed the need for every person to know survival training. The ability to live off of hte land.

His uncle had kept a small practice near his home by the lake. When Cody was fourteen he informed his uncle of his wish to join Starfleet as a doctor. So his uncle started him on the path and began making the boy spend his free time pouring over every bit of medical information he could find. and had him reading the texts he would need for the medical classes at the academy. It was when he turned seventeen that his uncle pushed him to try for the Academy entrance exam. He did and passed. As Cody was getting ready to enter the Academy tragedy struck once again. His Uncle passed away, after years of battling an unknown and incurable mental disease that had struck him when Cody was a young boy, leaving Cody orphaned once more.

He entered the Academy, taking classes aimed for medical classes, namely psychiatry, due to the mental illness that had claimed his Uncle. He studied hard and worked his way through the Academy, making few friends as he went along. When he graduated out of the academy he entered into Starfleet Medical Academy. After four hard years he graduated as a doctor, He returned for another two years taking courses in brain surgery and Xenopsychiatry. He left the Academy to make his mark on the galaxy.

He spent a couple of years on the Hathaway for his internship and residency. He pushed himself, trying to learn as much as he could and hone his skills to become a good doctor. Two years passed and he finished his residency. It was then he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior grade and made a medical officer. He stayed on the Hathaway for another few months before being transferred to the USS Hathor, a smaller ship. He was also made the acting chief medical officer, due to the size of the tiny ship and lack of a full medical crew.

It was on the USS Hathor that he met Loreni Jelora. He became infatuated by her the moment he met her, slowly forming a friendship with the young Cardassian Science Chief. As the year progressed the ship was boarded by her sister, a former Obsidian Order agent that had turned to piracy. She seen the way Cody acting around her sister and took him hostage. She held him for over a week torturing him continuously. After being rescued by Loreni , he was taken out of active duty to undergo Psychological examinations. After six months he was allowed to reinstate his commission. His prior post was filled by this point so he put in for a new ship and was accepted to the USS Cousteau

On the Cousteau he was reunited with Loreni and together the two of them were instrumental in finding a cure for a plague that ravaged a good portion of Cardassia Prime, but they also discovered his parent’s whereabouts. Loreni became pregnant near the end of their first year on the Cousteau, just about the time Cody was promoted to Lieutenant.

While at a space station for relaxation, both Cody and Loreni were taken by crew members of Loreni’s sister, Karis. They escaped within a day or so, but a fluke wormhole dropped them on the opposite side of Federation space, in Romulan territory. The two of them spend the next nine months in exile.
Service Record 2370: Entered Starfleet Academy focusing on Medical courses, at age of seventeen
2374: Graduated Starfleet Academy with a major of Exobiology
2374: Entered Starfleet Medical Academy taking classes in General Medicine
2378: Graduated Starfleet Medical Academy
2378-2380: Took two extra years, in which he focused on brain surgery and Xeno psychiatry, while doing an internship at Starfleet medical.
2379: was [REDACTED]
2380: Assigned to USS Hathaway for his residency at the rank of Ensign
2382: Promoted to Lieutenant JG and promoted to Medical Officer
2382: [REDACTED]
2383: [REDACTED]
2385: Transferred to the USS Hathor as the Chief Medical officer
2385: Hathor attacked by Pirates. Was taken hostage and tortured for a week. Upon being freed went on leave for six months for Psychological testing due to the trauma. In the time he recovered, he took up a study of the Cardassian language and their history and culture
2385: Found to be fit for duty, transferred to the USS Cousteau
2385: Helps Loreni Jelora create a vaccine that stops a plague that is ravaging Cardassia Prime.
2385: His parents were found alive on an uncharted planet, having gone through one of the many Guardian gates in the universe.
2385: Finds out Loreni is pregnant with his child
2385: helps in saving his parents from Ferengi who are up to no good. Captures them and gives testimony that convicts them to several years at the Federation Penal Colony on earth
2385: Promoted to Lieutenant.
2386: Kidnapped by Karis Jelora after an attack on his, and Lieutenant Loreni Jelora's lives. In an escape attempt, he stole a shuttle, but it was crippled and crashed into an uncharted planet, where Cody stayed for nine months. In this time he did a small survey near his crash site, plus in his final two months in exile, he logged many more flora and fauna on his way to Loreni’s crash site.
2393: due to a temporal anomaly on the planet where they crashed, while 7 years have passed, to Cody and Loreni, it only seems like 9 months.