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Commander Kurn Derling

Name Kurn Derling

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Strategic Tactical Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon/Human Hybrid
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93 m
Weight 129.3 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Tall, muscular and broad of shoulder, pronounced brow ridges (for a Half Klingon), bronzed skin tone, lower shoulder blade length dark brown hair tied in a ponytail, hazel colored eyes and a goatee and mustache. Usually has a brooding look under most circumstances. D'k tahg stab wound scar upper chest over the right collar bone, small diagonal scar across chin (mostly hidden by goatee), lots of small cuts over his hands, arms, chest, abdomen and legs.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Charg, Son of Dol’kas (deceased)
Mother Captain Halla Derling, S.D.C.
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Paternal uncle: Garm, son of Dol'kas and his family

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kurn is a brooder, usually quiet, mostly a loaner, having never fit in due to his mixed heritage. He is not excitable and is a man of few words unless talking about something he is passionate about. He has a temper, a gift from his Klingon side, and is easily angered. Recently he has tempered the anger, but it is always ever present, boiling under the surface.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Brak’lul (redundant organs), above human average strength and endurance, high pain tolerance.

Weaknesses: Gets angry easily (has since gotten better with Advance Tactical Training).

Special Abilities: Has a natural affinity for tactics and all types of battle (starship, melee, hand to hand, etc).

Quirks: Fear of being trapped without means of escape (responds VERY aggressively).
Ambitions Presently: To be the best Sector Chief of Strat Ops of one of the most strategic Sector Starbases in Starfleet. Long term: To have his own command one day.
Hobbies & Interests Studying battles and tactics from other species, Military History of any kind, Teaching Mok’bara and Hand to Hand Combat, Small Earth mammals, owns a Hedgehog named Raptor, likes many different forms of Earth music.

Likes: Battle, Klingon opera, small Earth mammals, Orange Juice, Gagh, Racht, Bloodwine, enjoys high adrenalin human sports that are very physical (especially hockey and old American football).

Dislikes: Romulans, those that take advantage of others, those that attack unarmed people, and bullies.

Personal History Kurn was born to a Human mother, Cmdr. Halla Derling, S.F.D.C. and Lt. Charg, son of Dol’kas of the KDF. Cmdr. Derling was assigned to the Starfleet Embassy on Qu’onoS. She fell in love with Charg after almost a year and they were married. They only spent several months together before Kurn’s dad was assigned to a K’vort class bird of prey, IKC Ta’wI, along the Klingon/Romulan Neutral Zone because of increased Romulan activity, and suspected incursions into the Neutral Zone. The Ta’wI had received an ‘authentic’ distress signal from a bird of prey that was lost several weeks prior, and the captain decided to enter the neutral zone to rescue the crew. While in the Neutral Zone, the Ta’wI was assaulted by a D’deridex class Romulan Warbird, because of an ‘Act of war by incursion into the Neutral Zone’, and destroyed.

Kurn’s mother, Halla was notified of her husbands’ death several weeks later by her brother in law and stayed on Qu’onoS for another 2 years after Kurn’s birth. Halla was then transferred back to Earth by the Diplomatic Corps and took Kurn with her. Kurn lived on Earth from when he was 2 till about 10 years of age, learning about his human heritage and Earth’s history. At 10 years old, Cmdr. Derling received a message from Kurn’s uncle, Garm, asking if she would be willing to let Kurn come and stay with him and his family so that he can get to know his Klingon heritage and culture, and learn of his father. Cmdr. Derling agreed and Garm came to Earth and took Kurn under his fosterage for the next 8 years.

During that time, Kurn got to know about his Klingon heritage and culture, living in his uncle’s house, with several cousins near his age. In his uncle’s eyes and family, Kurn was treated as a true Klingon, but outside in general Klingon society, he was a half breed, a weakling in the eyes of other Klingons and got into many fights. At 16 Garm asked if Kurn would like to enroll in the KDF Academy as he believed that Kurn was equal to any Klingon and to the task. Kurn accepted and was trained for 2 years in the KDF Academy and again, got into many fights while there, but focused his mind and body into mastering the Klingon ways of battle.

He excelled in his studies, learning much about being a Klingon Warrior, about what it means to actually be Klingon, about Klingon history and tactics, was constantly being pushed by his instructors as they wanted to prove that he was inferior due to his mixed, weak, human heritage. But this drove Kurn on, constantly pushing himself to exceed expectations. He was constantly training under his teachers, learning Mok’bara, how to use the traditional Klingon melee weapons, and became extremely adept at fighting in hand to hand combat. His uncle would constantly get reports of how much honor his nephew was bringing to his House and family, constantly sparring and fighting other students, some several years his elder, and defeating them in single, and sometimes multiple opponent fighting.

One day, after several months of thought, he came to his uncle and explained to him that he was eternally grateful to him in teaching him about his Klingon heritage and sponsoring him for entrance into the KDF Academy, but he wanted to return to Earth and join Starfleet, as he felt that he was more than just a warrior, that he was more than a brute and felt that Starfleet needed more beings like himself that could bridge the gap between Humans and Klingons. He explained that he wanted to explore the galaxy and show other cultures, Humans and Klingons and all the races and allies of the Federation, that there can be peace even with warlike cultures. His uncle Garm became angry and felt betrayed at first, but ultimately it was Kurn’s decision as he was 18, an adult. He left his uncle’s home and Qu’onoS and joined Starfleet Academy as a transfer student.

Kurn decided when he came back to Earth that he was going to stay the full 4 years in Starfleet Academy as he wanted to absorb as much knowledge of battles, military history, tactics, fighting styles, and technological understanding of the Federation as he could. While at Starfleet academy, Kurn was an excellent student, pushing himself as much as possible in his chosen major of Security/Tactics as Kurn was always a loner, since his days living on Qu’onoS. Quickly his instructors found that he was beyond many first time students at the School of Security/Tactics and gave him harder assignments and more rigorous physical and combat training.

During his third year at Starfleet Academy, after he had been outperforming most of his fellow classmates (and some in their senior year) Kurn was out on the grounds studying when 3 Andorian cadets decided they were going to try and insult and bully Kurn. Kurn stood up to the Andorians and all 3 assaulted Kurn at the same time. With Kurn’s advanced hand to hand combat abilities, he outfought the Andorian cadets, seriously injuring the one that was the ‘leader’. A formal reprimand was put into Kurn’s permanent record, noting that he should have stopped when they were incapacitated. The next year passed uneventfully for Kurn, but he did graduate from Starfleet with honors, near the top of his class in Security/Tactical school.

After Starfleet Academy, Kurn received his first posting to the USS Cambrian, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser, Tango Fleet, Task Force 1 as a Security/Tactical Officer. Kurn preformed his duties with honor and after a few months, applied to the Assistant Security/Tactical Chief position on the Prometheus Class Heavy Cruiser, the USS Dragonstar and was accepted.

Under the command of Commodore Toroca, CO of the Dragonstar, Kurn served with honor and distinction, receiving several commendations. During one mission, the Chief of Security/Tactical was severely wounded and had to be sent back to the nearest Starbase as she was no longer able to continue her duties due to her wounds. Commodore Toroca gave Kurn a field promotion to that of Acting Chief of Security/Tactical. A few months later, Kurn was promoted to Lt.J.G., for excellent performance as Acting Chief of Security/Tactical, staying cool under pressure and leading the Security/Tactical department with distinction and more importantly keeping them as safe as possible and giving himself the most dangerous and arduous tasks.

Kurn received another promotion to that of full lieutenant 6 months after his field promotion to Chief of Security/Tactical and was officially promoted to Chief of Security/Tactical. On the first mission as Chief of Security/Tactical, the Dragonstar underwent a very dangerous mission where a quarter of the crew was lost, including the XO of the ship, Captain Vhilla and the ship was severely damaged. After barely limping back to the nearest Starbase, the Dragonstar was ordered back to Spacedock for refit and repair that would take about a year. Many officers would leave to other ships during this time and Kurn was at a loss as to what he would do. That is when Commodore Toroca met with Kurn and stated that he would be leaving the Dragonstar for Earth, to train in Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training School, with the Commodore’s recommendation.

For a year Kurn trained at the Advanced Tactical Training school, learning all his instructors could teach him, gaining a modicum of patience that Kurn previously did not possess, and more importantly when NOT to act or fight. While there, he learned Starfleet Advanced combat tactics in all kinds of weapons. Kurn also spent what little free time he had, learning more of Mok’bara as well. During this time, Kurn found that he had a knack for teaching hand to hand combat, assisting several of his fellow trainees that had difficulty in hand to hand combat and became certified in teaching Starfleet hand to hand combat, as well as Mok’bara. Also during this time, Kurn had trouble learning covert ops and the subtle training of subterfuge and infiltration. For a while Kurn struggled with this, feeling that it was below his honor not facing a combatant face to face on equal footing, so much as to almost flunk out of S.A.T.T. all together. Until a Vulcan instructor, who saw the potential in Kurn and what a waste it would be to flunk him out of S.A.T.T., could in complete dispassionate logic, explain that succeeding has its own honor; That the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few to such an extent that the ways of stealth, subterfuge, trickery and deceit were sometimes needed to save your fellow crewmembers and starship and get the mission done.

After several visits to a counselor, Kurn accepted that his honor sometimes required to use ‘cowardly’, as the Klingon honor system saw it, tactics in defense of the ship, it’s crew and Starfleet overall and continued his training without further incident. Modifying his personal code of honor was difficult but necessary as Kurn saw it, so he could graduate. Kurn once again, graduated near the top of his class and is currently awaiting transfer to a new post as that of a Chief of Security/Tactical for a front line ship.
Service Record Pre Starfleet Education: KDF Academy Training 2 years 2380 - 2382 before joining Starfleet Academy

2382 - 2386: Starfleet Academy – Graduated with Honors, Starfleet Security/Tactical, Ensign.

05/2386: Ensign, USS Cambrian (Akira Class), Tango Fleet, Task Force 1 - Security/Tactical Officer.

06/2386: Ensign, Transferred to USS Dragonstar (Prometheus Class), Tango Fleet, Task Force 1 - Assistant Security/Tactical Chief.

09/2386: Field Promotion to Acting Chief of Security/Tactical, USS Dragonstar.

11/2386: Promotion to Lt. J.G.

02/2387: Promotion to Lt. and assigned as Chief Security/Tactical Officer, USS Dragonstar.

2390 - 2391: Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training Certification (recommended by USS Dragonstar CO, Commodore Toroca).

2391: Assigned as Chief of Security/Tactical and Second Officer, USS Atlantic (Century Class), Task Force 27.

2393: Assigned as Chief Tactical Officer, USS Artemis (Prometheus Class), Task Force 27.


Act of Distinction: USS Dragonstar 07/2386.

Captain's Star: USS Dragonstar 07/2386, USS Dragonstar 02/2387.

Cross of Distinction: USS Dragonstar 07/2386, USS Dragonstar 02/2387.

McCoy Cluster: USS Dragonstar 07/2386, USS Dragonstar 02/2387.

Reprimands :

2385: Severely injuring a fellow cadet.(See Background). No incidents since.