Cody comes home

Posted on Mon Apr 18th, 2022 @ 1:26am by Lieutenant Commander Cody Connors

Mission: Episode 1: This is Where We Begin
Location: USS Avalon

Roughly three years. That was how long it had been since he had to leave Loreni when he had been stationed elsewhere. If you asked him now, the past month alone felt like three years. In the span of just thirty Earth days, so much had happened. Before this past thirty days, it had been a routine deep space mission. With an occasional stop at Starbase 642 and a few other bases, every few months for supplies and recreation time. Of course that had gone South.

A month ago, he was a doctor. Now? Now Cody was busy finishing his log as the commanding officer of the Avalon. He had already sent the report of the last mission to Starbase 642, and to Starfleet command. It had been a lot he had to put in there. A lot of it he didn’t believe himself. He was sure his daughter was in his quarters. Safe with her nanny. Though Nanny was a strange term for this.

He sighed as he signed off on the log and handed it to a petty officer. Another yeoman. That was two in just one month. He glanced around the bridge. A month earlier it would have been a whole different set of faces here. So many had died. Of course a month ago he would have been in Sickbay, except for the Delta shift. Three to four nights a week he had been taking command during the delta shift. He had been doing that since he transferred from the Artemis. Across the bridge, at several stations, were some of the men from engineering, or engineering teams from the carrier class that was escorting them and some freighters. The bridge, and a few other places had been hit hard in their last battle. The ship was hurt and the warp core was offline. Medical was not as swamped. Many of their injured were on the Wilmington, A carrier that was helping them out.

Even his time in command for night shit on the Artemis had been very uneventful. His luck had held out for almost three years, with only a handful of battles that had happened. Nothing the tough little Steamrunner class couldn’t handle. What worried him more was that his daughter had been on board. He was hopeful that Elim would do his best to not speak of anything to Loreni, until he could. Who knew what Loreni would do when she found out. But thankfully he didn’t have to worry about that. Everyone that remained on the Avalon was either joining up with Starbase 642, or being transferred to ships that would be there soon. Cody was looking at the Chief Medical spot. And the Avalon was looking at being a Base ship.

Cody stood up. Sitting down and waiting was driving him to think way to much. “Helm. Time to Starbase 642?” He asked as he straightened his uniform.

“Four hours sir.” The reply came from a Tellarite ensign.

“Lieutenant Commander Speth.” He said, calling out his temporary XO, on loan from the Wilmington, a Carrier that had been towing the Avalon at warp speed. “I’ll be in the ready room. You have the bridge.”

“Yes sir.”

Cody went to the captain's ready room. He went to the desk and sat down. Then he closed his eyes for a few moments, to think about how he had gotten to this point. The Captain and four of the senior staff, who were ahead of Cody in the chain of command, were killed on a planet where they had gone to help some scientists. Due to his placement as fourth in the chain of command, this made Cody the XO. Thankfully they had been sent to a starbase to pick up some new medical and science staff for Starbase 642 before the Captain had died. This meant he wasn’t as needed. He opened his eyes as he felt a shift in the ship.

“Lieutenant commander Speth to Lieutenant Commander Connors. We have entered Starbase 642’s sector and have dropped out of warp. Our impulse engines are online and we will head there on our own power. Wilmington will escort us all the way there.”

“Understood. I’ll be out in a moment.” Cody replied. He took another deep breath, then let it out. He was still trying to make sense of how he got the center seat so fast. Again he pondered the past month. Captain, Chief of ops, Flight operations and engineering dead. One simple away mission and suddenly Cody was in second in charge. Then, while headed for Starbase 642, Starfleet sent them to find missing transports. It turned out to be from several races. Cardassians, Vulcans, Trill and Betazoids. Halfway though the search for the missing transports, one of the newer security people came to him with information. Something he himself had been working on.

The Captain and the others hadn’t been an accident, but a murder. As they found the missing transports, the shit hit the fan. The transports were under attack, but by what looked to be human ships. On the Avalon, at the same time Cody ordered the ship to engage the small craft, the tactical chief and assistant chief, Chief of science plus several others went rogue and staged a mutiny, all spouting stuff he had heard three years earlier. A free Earth. Starfleet with no aliens. In the mutiny, the XO and several of the traitors were killed. The brig was filled with the rest of them. Some had even been transported off the ship and into space.

Cody reached into a pocket on his uniform and pulled out a patch. He glowered at it and put it back in his pocket. It had come from someone in his brig. One of the traitors. The thought of those traitors on his turned his stomach. Of course Cody had an advantage. His time with Loreni had made him work on his paranoia. He had been looking through the crew files for some time. Plus Elim and a couple of his old Artemis crewmates had been teaching Cody a great many things. Including what to look for in people’s files. That, combined with his skills in Xeno psychiatry, he was getting the hang of vetting people very fast.

He stepped back onto the bridge. His temporary XO got up from his seat and Cody took his place. Thankfully his leg and the new brace was still working. But he still kept his canes. He looked at the small screen to his side. The Wilmington was still near the Avalon. But now a lot of the fighters that had been with the carrier were now flying in formation around his ship.

He was thankful for their arrival the few days prior. If the carrier with all those fighters hadn’t shown up, the four transports, plus the Avalon would have been a memory. Cody could still remember the looks of shock on the faces of the bridge crew that didn’t plan the mutiny, when Cody did what he had to do, to clear his bridge and the engineering department. None had figured the Doctor to be any kind of fighter.

But that was past. He had gone over the files and backgrounds all over again. Something Elim had taught him. Elim and Jarex both had instilled in him many skills. He had even used Elim’s help to get evidence on the ones he suspected. He relaxed in his seat as they made their way to his new home. He had made cashes of equipment all over the ship. None of it had been found. And all of it helped in getting his ship back.

Cody shook his head. He had to clear his mind. No doubt he's be telling the whole story several times over. But for now he needed a happy thought. Something that could help lift the darkness that seemed to weigh on his bridge. To his side he head a chuckle. The ensign at Tactical was laughing. He punched up something on the view screen.

"Sir, I swear that the fight pilots are the biggest kids in starfleet."

They watched as the small fighters broke off after and began to play what looked to Cody like Follow the leader

Cody nodded. "That they are, Ensign. that they are."